Tuesday, 20 March 2012

LEGO Ion PGM sequencer

A while back I came across a cool LEGO model of a Hi-Seq 2000 sequencing instrument created by Dawei Lin at the UC Davis Genome Centre.

My good colleague Tim Stinear was one of the first Australian labs to purchase an Ion Torrent PGM sequencing instrument, which looks like this:

Now, my oldest child Oskar just turned 6 years old, and he was ready for LEGO. Being a former LEGO nerd, my nostolgia went into overdrive and I "invested" in some generic LEGO sets for his and Zoe's  Xmas presents, subsequently supplemented by some Ebay bulk lots. So now I had an excuse to lie on the rug all day playing with LEGO.

And here is my first attempt at a LEGO model of a PGM:

Not perfect or quite to proportions, but not a bad effort I reckon!

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  1. Good effort indeed! Just need to scale it up to full size now!